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D Satan. Answer: A. A A cherry. B An apple. C An orange. D A rose. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion A and the other as Reason R :.

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Assertion A : For deconstructive critics how human beings read and interpret signs they receive will determine their modes of knowing and being, whether those signs come in the form of literary texts or bank statements. Reason R : The fact of the matter is that human beings use signs to function in the world and are always likely to do so. In the context of the two statements, which one of the following is correct?

C A is true, but R is false. D A is false, but R is true. A A divorce lawyer. B An ageing pianist.

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C A London neurosurgeon. D A famous poet www. It is poetry that is not written according to traditional fixed patterns. Fill up. A Blank verse.

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B Concrete poetry. D Free verse. Arnold and General Gordon. Who is this author? A Mathew Arnold. B Robert Browning. C Lytton Strachey. D Oscar Wilde. A Congreve and Vanbrugh. B Farquhar and Vanbrugh. C Wycherley and Farquhar. D Congreve and Etherege. A Studies in Poetry. B A Study in Literary Judgement.

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C Essays and Studies. D A Theoretical Guide. Which of the following arrangements is in the correct chronological sequence? Select from among the following plays, the one that best suits the description below:. Alyque Padamsee invited its author to write it. The play had communalism as its theme. This play was banned from the Deccan Herald Theatre Festival for dealing with a sensitive issue. The play, however, was produced by Playpen in Bangalore on July A Dance like a Man.

C Final Solutions. D The Wisest Fool on Earth.

I have known three generations of John Smiths. The type breeds true. But unless John Smith can write John Smith, however unfashionable the result, why does he bother to write at all? Surely one Swinburne; one Brooke, and one Eliot are enough in any age? Graves is critical of blind adulation and imitation of successful poets.

Graves is critical of blind conformity to standards set by Swinburne, Brooke, and Eliot.

  1. Love, Lies, & Betrayal (Love & Pain Series).
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  3. Speech of Parson Brownlow, of Tennessee, against the great rebellion (1862);

Swinburne, Brooke, and Eliot represent the movements: Decadence, the Georgian, and Modernist respectively. A Only 1 and 2 are correct. B Only 4 is incorrect.

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C Only 3 and 4 are correct. D Only 3 is incorrect. During the colonial era, the British used to call the Indian Languages vernaculars. We do not use this word for our bhashas because:. Not all Indian languages are languages of the Indo-European family, and therefore not all vernacular. B II and IV. C III. D I and III. The Arthurian legends.


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The teachings of John Wycliffe. The correct combination according to the code is. A I and III are correct. C II and IV are correct. D I and IV are correct. A Knowledge generated in the development of a learner on account of other domains of knowledge. B The carryover of rules of the mother tongue syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the Second language in question.

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C The carryover of rules of the Second language syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the mother tongue in question. D The vocabulary and sentence structure transferred haphazardly during Second language acquisition from any other language accessed by the learner. A It is an epistolary novel.

B It has such characters as Edward Kelly, his mother, and his wife. C It is also about the Bush and the frontier. Identify the poem that opens with the lines:. I walk through the long schoolroom questioning;. A kind old nun in a white hood replies; thechildren learn to cipher and to sing ….