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Perhaps the most crucial element of Work in Progress is […]. Being someone who tends to be pretty vulnerable on the mic, NF found some space here in front of a camera to be real. Nate also shares how his perception changes the older he gets. For the most part, this Sunday Service was what you would expect.

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All throughout the performance Choir Director, Jason White reminded the crowd and live stream viewers that we are here on assignment by God and that there is only […]. Justin Sarachik. Tags Da Shepherd Boy. Justin is the Editor-in-Chief of Rapzilla.

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When not writing he's on stage rhyming as the frontman of Process of Fusion. Catch him interviewing artists on Survival of the Artist Podcast. Ios came with eager joy and presented himself trembling and radiant, before the royal presence. Then the King was greatly pleased with Ios and made him the guardian of his treasure and reposed in him a high trust.

But those who had lived by the King's favor were filled with jealousy and tried to find some fault in Ios so that they might destroy him in the eyes of the King.

They watched day and night and soon they found a flaw. In the silence of the night when all were sleeping they saw Ios creep stealthily forth, wind his way through the palace and enter a small room far up under the roof. That night he watched with them and saw Ios steal away to his secret hiding place.

The King followed, threw open the door and entered the room.

The Song of the Shepherd Boy

It was bare and empty, but on the wall hung the shepherd's coat Ios had worn and his crook with which he tended his flock. Thus I come each night to reflect on what I was and what Thou has made me through Thy bounty, generosity and favor. His friends stopped, dismounted and gathered the gifts scattered by his loving hand. Ios alone remained at his side with his eyes fastened on the beloved face, never glancing away.

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  6. Then the courtiers murmured saying, "See Ios, he despises the gifts of the King and will not trouble himself to attain them. When the season came and the melons were ripe the King held a feast and invited many people. Ios was absent engaged on some service, but presently the guests saw that there was one melon left uncut.

    Then they murmured among themselves saying, "You will see that this melon, which is no doubt very sweet and delicious is reserved for the Beloved of the King," and soon the King sent for Ios, and cutting the melon gave him a piece saying "Thou, too, must partake of my feast.

    I have kept this melon for Thee.

    For bitter is sweet from the hands of my King. And Ios so lived in the King's heart, was so loved and trusted that he made him the guardian and custodian of this Garden of Life and Beauty, which was the highest honor in his Kingdom. Then Ios faithfully guarded his trust.

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    One day as Ios was walking in the beautiful Gardens, the King's son, who had been jealous of him, crept stealthily up behind him and swiftly shot an arrow from his bow and fled. It pierced the breast of a swan and the red blood flowed down the pure white breast into the water, and the swan swayed and drooped and died.

    The Wolf and the Shepherd Boy – Short Story

    Ios stood aghast with grief and horror, gazing at the swan then at the bow lying in the path at his feet. As he stooped to pick it up a gardener approached and accused Ios of killing the swan. Then the man hastened to the Royal Presence and told what Ios had done. The King summoned him and said "What hast thou done? The King's heart was breaking and he exclaimed, "Thy silence condemns thee.

    The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf: What Will Happen If You Always Lie?

    If thou dost not speak and justify thyself I shall banish thee forever from my face. Time passed, and the Prince's conscience gave him no rest.

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    6. He saw how his Father grieved for Ios, and at last he heard that Ios was dying of a broken heart in his lonely hut far away.