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It is time now for others in the region, some of great wealth, to protect their own territory. Already a subscriber?

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Most Viewed Stories. A witness to likely incriminating details about the president is blocked from testifying.

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By Heather Hurlburt. Breaking — Ambassador Gordon Sondland has been told by the State Department to not appear this morning before the House regarding his role in the Ukraine scandal. His attorney said he has no choice but to comply. Most Popular.

China Criticized In U.S. Debates, But Stays Close

Trump campaign threatens to sue Minneapolis over 'phony' security bill for rally. Poll: Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump. The president wanted an investigation of corruption in Ukraine, but now may end up becoming the target of one. California Gov says either pay more taxes or less school.

Food Stamps up, Jobs down. Looks like that Hope and Change is flatter than yesterday's economy.

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  2. Moon Clock Ticks.
  4. Principles of Soft-Matter Dynamics: Basic Theories, Non-invasive Methods, Mesoscopic Aspects.
  5. Is ‘Romnesia’ a True Public Health Threat, or Just Another ‘Silly Word Game’?.

Bue we are Re-Electing Obama, right? Did anyone else find it disturbing the way Willard kept saying, "when I'm president"?? With the rethuglican voter suppression and Willards spawn buying stock in a company that provides voting machines, does this bother anyone else??

Obama: Mitt Has 'Romnesia'

With all due respect Mr. President, but you have no class. You didn't win the debate season even if you bullied your way in the last 2 debates. Americans will still remember how incompetent you looked in the first debate. Next you adopted the Chicago style of interrupting, laughing a la Biden, making fun, or taking that arrogant look. Governor Romney was decent and you like it or not, he understands that without a strong economy, everything else is a fairy tale.

Obama all the way. What a great debate last night. Obama schooled Romney as Romney tried to lie his way. President Obama is here to stay for another four years, governor romney is here to make sure that President Obama gets another four more years. OBAMA ! I do have the sneaking suspicion that Romney is on some sort of medication. Serious business! I'm sure they love one other, but I don't think Mitt is fit for the job as President!

He would be a puppet in the Oval Office for Trump, Rove and the rest of his buddies. I think the GOP is running one of the most scandalous schemes, by attempting to "buy" the presidency to set in place an agenda that would set us back yrs. Willard was lost last night in the debates.

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I would suggest read a few books on modern warfare. BTW Willard our navy is second to none. We a commander in chief that understands how the military works and you are not that person. This is a great philosophy for a business man or a salesman well, except for the poor schmucks doing business with him.

But, it is dangerous for a president. Ray E Of course we are re-electing Obama How many years did it take for republican leadership to bring this country to the verge of collapse??

Barack Obama wants to paint Mitt Romney as a man who can’t be trusted.

Obama is going to keep his seat. End of story. Obama is just owning Mitt left and right. Sometimes the bully gets his come-uppings. And Mitt is feeling this now. He looked flustered in the debates, red, sweaty, confused. Home News Local State U. Consumer Stories Investigative Stories. Send us Videos and Pictures. Complete coverage of the election.