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Physical Chemistry Essentials | Andreas Hofmann | Springer

A thorough understanding of the principles and basic concepts of physical chemistry is essential for a good grasp of the subject. This book is the sixth of the earlier five volume series, which provides an extensive coverage of the topics discussed focusing on the applications of the principles involved.

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Each of the earlier five volumes distinguishes itself by projecting the subject through number of illustrative solutions of numerical and typical problems. Each chapter is appended with Revision Problems, Try Yourself Problems and Numerical Problems so as to widen the scope for the students. It, thus, helps them extend their knowledge beyond the book and understand the subject in its totality.

To provide quantitative basis for the better understanding of various principles and basic concepts of Physical Chemistry, the present sixth volume on the Computational Aspects in Physical Chemistry is devised, which provides enough applications to meet this requirement. The content of the second edition of book is enlarged and includes more applications of numerical methods to the various concepts of physical chemistry, viz.

Physical Chemistry Essentials

These are followed by the illustrative programs based on the principles and basic concepts of physical chemistry. Discover the perfect course materials for your students. Enrich the classroom with tools powered by learning science. Explore course materials to meet your study needs.

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