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How Is a Bat Mitzvah Celebrated?

This program is the first of many activism-oriented activities your child will be involved with their path to Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Families choose between two Religious School programs: our Integrated Hebrew Program, which meets twice weekly, and our Sunday Hebrew Program which meets only on Sunday with supplemental tutoring in our interactive Hebrew Lab. But why..?? In our fourth grade family program, Why Ivrit?

Parshat Pinchas - Accountability And The Bar/Bat Mitzvah

This is a fun program, full of goofy word games and fascinating etymological context. At our first fifth-grade Family Program, Discovering the Prayer Book, students receive their own spiral bound prayer book and, with their families, learn all about the prayer and structure of our services with our clergy.

They also participate in an additional fifth grade Family Program, when they walk with their families to the Portland Holocaust Memorial and participate in a discussion about the Holocaust for families. Each student has their second meeting with the cantor, where they will receive their Torah and Haftarah materials.

At the first, families and students come together to decorate and make a class tallit prayer shawl. Many students are also inspired to being work on their community service Mitzvah Projects, as the Palooza includes information about past projects as well. We also recommend attending at least four Shabbat Services two on Friday, two on Saturday.

Bat Mitzvah of Jaidan at Messiah Echad Messianic Congregation

Seventh grade families programs, also called Shabbatinis, happen on Sunday mornings during normal Religious School hours. These programs generally match the overall Religious School annual theme. The final Shabbatini is always an introduction to our High School program and focuses on the importance of retaining friendships and connection to Judaism. Give our Lifecycle Events Sr. Program Manager, Emily Silverman , a call at to get started.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

Contact the Religious School Office at for details. You and your child are just getting started!

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This program Read more…. We are already using the first draft of this program in our congregation and are Read more….

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