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Coaches look to recruit athletes who genuinely are interested in their program, and phone calls are a great time to communicate your excitement. Insider tip : If you are having a hard time getting ahold of a college coach, ask your high school or club coach to call the college coach and schedule a phone call for you. An added bonus: When the college coach is talking to your current coach, they can ask your coach questions about you to help with their initial evaluation.

Calling college coaches | Scripts and voicemail templates

Calling college coaches takes some preparation, but if you put in the work beforehand, your call will go much smoother. And remember: College coaches have been through this process thousands of times. They understand how intimidating and nerve-wracking it can be for high school athletes to call them. Insider tip: Try calling college coaches during the summer. They tend to be less busy at this time, so you will have fewer practices, games and other commitments to work around. I recently sent you an email with my highlight video and wanted to follow up with you!

Do you have a few minutes to talk right now? In your introduction, bring up the specific reason you emailed the coach: Was it is to send them your highlight video, to show them your top stats and accolades or to arrange an unofficial visit?

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Be specific here. Before you call the coach, write out exactly what you want to say if you do get their voicemail.


Then, give yourself a call and leave your prepared message. Listen to how it sounds and revise your script if necessary. Here are a few key pieces of information you want to be sure to include:. My phone number is Insider tip : During your first few calls with a college coach, avoid asking for a scholarship.

How to Talk to College Coaches

You need to develop a relationship with the coach before you start asking them for money. As with any conversation, your calls with college coaches will involve you asking questions and the coach asking some in return. During interview coaching, job seekers meet with a professional trainer to learn various strategies and receive feedback on how they're handling practice interviews. It's also a way to prepare for—and feel more confident about—upcoming interviews.

Common Questions Asked During Football Head Coach Interview

This service is offered by career coaches and career service offices. Should you hire an interview coach? And if so, how will you find one?

Interview with College Coach – Are you prepared?

Learn more about the process to decide if this service makes sense for you. Interview coaching can increase your chances of getting a job for many reasons. Your coach can provide you with valuable feedback that will help you improve your responses during interviews.

The more you practice with a coach, the more confident you will be. A coach can give you the tools to feel confident and self-assured going into any interview.

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There are many types of interview coaching. They may also provide a list of typical interview questions and help you prepare answers. In an online interview, coaches may interview you over a video chat service. Or they may ask for you to send a video of your answers to a list of interview questions.

How to Get Recruited

If you meet over the phone, coaches will typically conduct a mock phone interview. Nonverbal communication is another critical aspect of interviews. A coach can show you facial and body language that will demonstrate to the employer that you are friendly, interested, and actively listening. If you're ready to hone your interview skills, there are many different ways to locate a coach. Your college career services office may provide free or discounted interview coaching to alumni, as well as to students.

Explore the help your school offers and find out how you can tap into available resources. Distance counseling by phone, chat, or video call may be available.