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Articles Cited by. Title Cited by Year Virtuous subjects: A critical analysis of the affective substance of social studies education M Helmsing.

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American Education Research Association annual meeting. Chicago, IL , Claiming "no taxation without representation," the residents had earlier refused to pay taxes.

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The courts agreed and awarded Cuffe and the six other defendants full civil rights. Northwest Ordinance, In addition to laying out the procedure for future states to be created in western territories, the Northwest Ordinace forbade slavery in the Northwest Territory, where the future state of Michigan would be created. Source : Our Documents. Constitution Adopted, Slaves counted as three-fifths of a person for means of representation.

Gabriel's Conspiracy, On August 30, , a tremendous storm dropped heavy rain on central Virginia, swelling creeks and turning Richmond's dirt streets into quagmires.

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The storm aborted one of the most extensive slave plots in American history, a conspiracy known to hundreds of slaves throughout central Virginia. A charismatic blacksmith named Gabriel, who was owned by Thomas Prosser, of Henrico County, planned to enter Richmond with force, capture the Capitol and the Virginia State Armory, and hold Governor James Monroe hostage to bargain for freedom for Virginia's slaves.

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Source : Notes from the Library of Virginia. Slave Revolt in Louisiana, More than a century before the first modern-day civil rights march, Charles Deslondes and his make-do army of more than enslaved men battled with hoes, axes and cane knives for that most basic human right: freedom.

Nelson," and a slave preacher by the name of Nat Turner helped lead an insurrection of slaves seeking freedom in Southamption County, Va. Baltimore: T. Gray, They eventually win their freedom in a Supreme Court case.

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Douglass advocates enlisting in the Union Army to lay the groundwork for citizenship during the Civil War. In December, , The Atlantic Monthly publishes "Reconstruction" , in which Douglass warns Congress of the potential for the de facto re-enslavement of blacks should the South's antebellum political system remain intact. Douglass exhorted Congress to pass a civil-rights amendment affirming the equality of blacks and whites in the United States.

Subject Guide. American educational thought: Essays from Charlotte, NC: Information Age. Moore, C. Simulations and games in the civics classroom. Webb, R. Red, white, and black. Skip to content. Library Home Blog Home. As described by the publisher : This collection of historical essays on race develops lines of inquiry into race and social studies, such as geography, history, and vocational education.