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Leave an inheritance for your kids and their kids. Now, that's what we call leaving a legacy!

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Back Dave Recommends. Back Store. What Are the Baby Steps? Baby Step 2 Pay off all debt except the house using the debt snowball. Baby Step 3 Save 3—6 months of expenses in a fully funded emergency fund. Baby Step 6 Pay off your home early. Baby Step 7 Build wealth and give. Why the Baby Steps Work. Education Learn how to better manage your money.

5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom: Wipe Out Debt and Build Wealth

Make financial decisions with confidence in every aspect of your life. Get Started with the Baby Steps. Find a Course Near You. Shop Now. Take the Assessment. Create Your First Budget. Find a Program Near You. Start Saving Money. Find Your Investing Pro. Learn to Save for College. Talk to a Mortgage Expert. Browse Dave's Store.

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Pen and paper, essential expenses. I budget backwards — basically working out all my necessary expenses and budgeting around them, rather than divvying up my income. I used the debt snowball method. Basically, you focus all your funds on paying back the smallest debt until it is cleared, then you refocus the funds you were paying towards the smallest debt along with extra funds to the next smallest debt and continue until you have no debt at all.

The debt snowball method ignores interest rates and fees and goes straight to the emotional side of debt repayment which I why I love it. The other main debt repayment method is the debt avalanche, which focuses on the debt with the highest interest rate first. Or in the case of debt, stop spending. I also had a revolving credit account with a card attached which got the chop. I took paid surveys at night and took any opportunity to earn extra cash.

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  • It was the truth. The regimen of regular repayments suited me down to the ground, I never missed a debt repayment but if I tried to save money I always ended up withdrawing it to spend within a few days or weeks. The truth is this: the difference between further debt and financial security lies in your ability to save.

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    It might not be a lot, but every dollar counts. If you have multiple loans and credit cards it may be worthwhile to consider a debt consolidation loan. Focus on making the highest repayment you can each month.

    enter I like to go to my favourite cafe for coffee and cake or buy a new book. Maybe go to the cinema. Recognising and celebrating progress is important to keep you going. Here are some of my favourite personal finance books for beginners , all are easy to read and jargon-free.

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